Streamlining consumer demand

By Marvin Wolter
Project Manager

Prominate, Germany

Ever-growing consumer demands are the focal point for many businesses.

Back in the 90s, who would have imagined that by 2017 it would be possible to have same day delivery?

This example shows clearly that competitiveness is no longer achieved on cost planning alone, but rather through process-oriented changes in structure.

In manual work as well as industrial development and production, value creation processes need to be increasingly flexible and efficient for enterprises to hold their ground in global competition and to further develop their position in the markets.

Thus, digitalization has become a key lever for future value creation in companies.

At Prominate we have bridged the real and virtual world to streamline fundamental features of value chain processes in virtual environments.

The convergence between real and virtual world enables users to reconfigure real processes virtually and optimize efficiently.

Our complex supply chain solutions, on-demand-productions and global availability of storage units rely on expandable and scalable software components that function individually but work parallel to one another to streamline our end-to-end customer solutions.

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