Prominate is a global joint venture with a worldwide network of over 1,700 promotional materials industry experts. We have a successful track record of delivering promotional material solutions to complex multinational organisations.

Organisations experience a higher return on investment on their promotional materials if the solution is coordinated globally but operated locally. That is why our commitment to clients is a global approach with a seamless local service. And we do it under one global contract.

We build intelligent promotional material solutions for effective marketing & procurement outcomes.

Prominate clients can expect savings, process efficiencies, and marketing results.

What sets us apart from our competition?

  • Our global reach  over 70 offices worldwide
  • The flexibility of our solutions – we customise the approach to your specific needs and demands.
  • Successful implementation and roll-out experience.
  • Proprietary cutting-edge webshop and technological capabilities.
  • Industry leading product sourcing  direct and independent, supported by our preferred supplier platform.
  • Experience of our central and local management teams.
  • Global reporting portal bringing together all our offices.
  • Commitment through our joint venture ownership structure ensuring quality, reliability, consistency, and high levels of service.