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Creating a Great Place to Work

Ultimately, businesses will almost always ask the question: is it worth spending all that money just to keep our team members happy? As a CEO and a Prominate Board Member, Peter Cleary’s immediate answer will always be, ‘yes!’ One of the key factors for sustainable success is working with a committed, dedicated, and satisfied team of people…

Sandvik SMRT Conference in Sandviken Village, Sweden

Our Swedish client, Sandvik, held a three-day SMRT conference where we seized the opportunity to promote the new Sandvik webshop and introduce Prominate offerings to their teams. We showcased our model KEN to display workwear coverall, products and workshops we are in the process of building.

Streamlining consumer demand

Ever-growing consumer demands are the focal point for many businesses. To be a market leader, there are now a number of factors that come into play, starting with digitisation…