Holly Lewis

Holly has worked in the finance industry for over 5 years before joining the branding world in 2015. She is the master of multitasking and ensuring the business is running beautifully.

Ralf Dickopf

Ralf is strategic thinker and visionary. His relationship with the business that he inherited – selling promotional material – mixed with a background of conventional business studies was and remains ambivalent. But it is this ambivalence that fuels his energy and passion – and the evolutionary momentum of the enterprise.

Frédéric Misseri

Frédéric Misseri

Frédéric was born and bred in the promotional materials industry. He spent 10 years in sales working for the family company Lagardere then took over the family owned company in 2008. Frederic now sits on the Prominate board while leading his own company with passion and with the aim of providing a first class service for all clients.

Peter Cleary

Over 19 years’ experience in the marketing industry, I have held General Manager, CEO and Director Positions across both local and global companies. In 2005, I combined my passion to create the ideal workplace with my existing sales, marketing and strategy skills and founded Zinc with four business partners.