Juanita Vellien

Juanita started working at Versopub as a Web Marketer in 2010. Since then, she has progressed to the sales, sourcing and marketing areas for Versopubl. She now successfully holds the responsibility of the Sales and Marketing department. Juanita is a well-organized person who works well under pressure.

Sylvianne Boncoeur

Sylvianne joined Versopub in 2014 in the production department. After 15 years in the textile industry, she has built an extensive knowledge in the production of textile products, created in a variety of fabrics and printing techniques. Sylvianne has excellent communication skills which helps her to negotiate the best price with our suppliers.

Tevam Ramsamy

Having over 25 years of experience in diverse areas such as Finance, Logistics and administrative, Tevam joined the Versopub Team in 2010 and after 5 years in the company she took on the HR department. She provides opportunities to employees to enhance their job knowledge and performance which not only benefits the employees’ career, but also the company’s wellbeing.

Fanny Martin

Fanny has been in the advertising business for more than 30 years. Pragmatic and visionary leader, she started Versopub in 1997 growing from 4 persons to a motivated and dynamic team of 25. Driven by Passion and Creativity, she has lead her company to the top serving all the major clients in Mauritius.