Birgit Vachuda

Birgit started her work in the back-office of MITRACO GmbH more than 11 years ago. She changed to the accounting department in 2013 and is now responsible for Mitraco’s financials. Birgit has a closely look on our figures and is operating the incoming invoices. She is doing the internal cost and provision calculation as well.

Pamela Gasper

Pamela started her work in the back-office of MITRACO GmbH more than 11 years ago. She is the internal communication interface and a pro-active actor in the company, she keeps the wheels on turning. Pamela has a good focus on the over-all process to achieve internal and external requirements (timing, costs…)

Karl Pichler

Karl studied Marketing in Vienna and joined a small agency for merchandising. After gaining 4 years of experience he joins Mitraco and is leading the purchasing division with special focus on far east projects. Karl is a solution oriented manager with special interest in customized productions and partners to collaborate.

Ilona Bosch-Holzeis

Ilona has been working in sales and distribution in the electronics industry before starting to work for MITRACO
5 years ago. Here she can live out her passion for Marketing and customer retention. Ilona is focusing on direct contact with steady customers as well as canvassing new customers by implementing her online-marketing ideas.

Wolfgang Bosch

Wolfgang a dedicated salesman and executive consultant, and has been refloating companies for more than 20 years .
He took over Mitraco 6 years ago and put the emphasis on
uniting 3 generations of employees. Using the experience of the long-term staff and the innovative spirit of the younger generation seems to be one of Mitraco’s secrets of success.