Prominate Environmental Management

We share the view that an organization’s core values are extremely important and that its people’s belief in these values are the key to its success. How we treat each other is as important as how we treat our clients and our supply partners. To this end we are working to continually develop and improve our impact on the environment and we take our environmental responsibility seriously.

We are committed to contributing to sustainable development. Where there are options that satisfy the same need, but one provides a better solution relative to economic, social or environmental sustainability, the more sustainable alternative is chosen.

If we can influence people’s behaviour by providing promotional tools that reflect your brand values as well as being practically useful in being good for the environment, then that is an ideal solution.  This also includes questioning the megatrend of ‘greenwashing’ products. Not everything which is sold under the label of environmentally sound products can really stand the test. On this basis we do not define a percentage of our sales which are sustainable development items and instead have in place some clear procedures and measures that guide our working practices.

Overall, we work to the UK DEFRA guidance on how to measure, calculate and report our greenhouse gas emissions and are ISO14001 certified. We collect data and utilise a standardised reporting format to ensure that the data received from different operating units is comparable. We have a nominated environmental officer in place and we measure as detailed below.

Legal Compliance

To all statutory requirements of environmental regulations and standards that are appropriate to the goods we supply.

Supplier Compliance

Measure our supplier’s compliance to statutory requirements of environmental regulations and standards that are appropriate to the goods we supply in addition to monitoring and recording supplier Environmental Management certifications, which we incorporate into our supplier evaluation methodology incorporated into our Preferred Supplier Program and record in our Supplier database.

Waste Management

Record the volume of items disposed ensuring that all waste is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner and in accordance with regulations.

Recycle and use of Recycled Materials

Undue and unnecessary use of materials is avoided, and recycled materials used whenever possible. We measure the volume of items supplied that utilise recycled and reused materials including packaging.


All production processes and equipment purchased are based on the need to maximise efficient energy use and to minimise harmful emissions. We measure the amount of energy used in our buildings (electricity, gas, water etc.) and ensure we use sustainable sources where available.

Delivery methods

We record the shipping and delivery methods used for each item and carbon offset these if required (DHL Go Green program for carbon neutral shipping).

Factory Location

Measure the distance the goods need to travel from point of manufacture to point of distribution.

Business Travel

Record the distance travelled and method(s) of transport used.

Product Selection

We source, use and supply a range of environmentally responsible and recycled products.

Prominate is working to continually carry out and improve our impact on the environment.

Sarah Daniel
Global CEO