The Directors of Prominate commit the Company to comply with all global laws, regulations, and orders, including the policies of the United Nations, which pertain to no-discrimination and affirmative action.

Prominate is committed to developing and implementing a program of non-discrimination and affirmative action and promotes inclusion and participation for the purpose of providing a non-discriminatory work environment.

Prominate will recruit, hire, train and promote persons without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation so as to further the principle of equal employment opportunity and diversity. Prominate directs all personnel (full or part-time, permanent or temporary) to ensure that decisions relative to employment, conditions of employment and access to services and benefits be made without regard to race, colour, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, sex, marital status, disability, or status.

Prominate directs all personnel to maintain an environment that is free of racial or sexual abuse and harassment. Acts by anyone that adversely affect another person’s employment, conditions of employment or receipt of services are a violation of Company policy and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Retaliation against persons filing complaints, for bringing the violation of this policy forward for review, or for assisting in a review pursuant to a filed complaint or grievance is a violation of Company policy and will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Prominate will ensure that reasonable accommodation will be made to facilitate the participation of persons with disabilities in all such activities consistent with applicable laws, orders and policies. Exceptions may be made in matters involving bona fide occupational qualifications or where this policy conflicts with laws, rules, regulations, or orders.

Prominate’s commitment to non-discrimination applies to all Company sponsored programs and activities as well as those that are conducted in cooperation with or in the name of the Company. This policy is to be observed by all full-time and part-time staff, consultants, volunteers, associates, helpers, and any other persons engaged in Company business or acting on behalf of or in the name of the Company.

Sarah Daniel
Global CEO – Prominate Ltd
31st May 2021