Informed Promotion

Intelligent Promotional Programs

Apparently ‘the best things in life are free’ and when it comes to promotional products, very few things can challenge the appeal of a ‘freebie’.

Many marketing gurus will tell you that a good marketing campaign will use multiple channels to interact and communicate with its audience. But what you don’t often hear is that a great promotional campaign based on deep and accurate data can cause a stir and create heavy brand impact!

In fact, according to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), their research tells us that promotional merchandise is being used now by heavy hitting marketers more than ever.

With marketing budgets stretched more than ever, promotional products act as highly effective tactics to target customers and create a longer lasting brand message. Promotional products have the longest life span with 60% typically kept for two years according to PPAI research. Promotional materials therefore can provide the best return on investment.

Well thought-out, targeted promotional campaigns are part of the marketing mix at the earliest stage. The best campaigns happen through collaboration between marketing, creative and production experts. Together, with well-informed data, shared creative ideas and strategy we can proposed campaign approaches and products for the best brand fit; as well as being aesthetic, useful and cost effective.

Globally we connect and report through our online reporting portal. All our 70 offices worldwide are connected through this central data hub. Here we are provided with rich data, but also for our clients who can access it 24/7. We track and monitor local activities per user/brand/division/country/order/SKU providing us with the information to build the necessary insights both to facilitate forecasting but to identify trends, and build informed promotional programs.

We have the means, experience and talent to design products, promotions and programs that make it count for brands everywhere.

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