Our People

Almost everyone who runs a company knows that the people are the most important asset to a business.

For Prominate our people and their passion for promotional products set us apart. Our dedication and our love for what we do is unmatched.

Our people own their relative companies across the globe and in turn – they own us. We are only as good as our parts and our parts are entrepreneurial and promotional experts, leaders and innovators.

Our Team in the US

Prominate in the USA works predominantly in apparel, hospitality gifts, office accessories and travel & leisure products. The US teams are focused on providing an American perspective which is very much set apart from the rest of the world. Knowing your market is at the centre of delivering a successful program.

Our US team are used to moving effectively, with accurate and well-considered research to enable the best engagements possible or our clients.

Our Team in Germany

Our office in Germany is quite unique and very German! The team works with a much more methodical perspective assessing patterns on merchandise use. Then, based on the findings, they develop processes and take care of supply chain management for streamlined approaches and best practice implementations.

The Teams in Australia & China

The Prominate team in Australia & China doesn’t usually like to blow its own horn, but they are recognised as a tight-knit team, loving what they do. This year the office ranked 5th in Australia’s Great Places To Work (GPTW). This award is a testament to our belief at Prominate that if you put people first, great things follow.

Wherever you go in the world our teams are on top of their regional markets, working towards trends and demographic differences. Our people are our strongest asset and together we make an unparalleled global force.

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