Our experience and scale is reflected in the strength of our low cost country sourcing and operations; and in our process control, trading capabilities, extensive product knowledge and creativity.

We take a holistic perspective to your business and develop a marketing and operational approach using our trademark methodology.  Subsequently the solution we develop is custom made for you.

Branded Solutions

Working alongside complex multi-national organisations requires alignment with their operational and logistical processes to deliver an effective branded merchandise solution globally. Using our three core point model, we examine economies of scale and efficiencies.

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We’re so much more than a branding solutions supplier. Our infrastructure, wide-ranging experience and ethos is such that we’re able to troubleshoot and realise a solution rather than simply take a brief and fulfill it. We go beyond our typical brand program services.

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Promotional Solutions

Prominate are experts in providing a truly global perspective, thereby offering a tied-up approach to global brand strategy. We are your brand guardians, your CSR specialists and your creative leaders in delivering the right promotional solutions to complex markets world-wide.

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Our impact on the environment is a responsibility we take very seriously and we’re privileged to work closely with many multi-national companies who share our environmental concerns. We have a nominated environmental officer and have taken steps to measure our environmental impact.

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Brand Guardians

Brands have to work so much harder in today’s brand polluted world and there is no margin for inconsistency. Brands are at the heart of our business, where brand loyalty and longevity is at the core of our well thought through promotional solutions.

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We have the branding, strategic insight and creativity to take your brand into areas you may not have considered before. Creativity is at the heart of every brand and close to our heart too. We’re able to not just meet your expectations but exceed them as your brand champions.

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