Creativity is at the heart of every brand and we take on the role of brand champions to ensure the physical experience lives up to creative expectations.  Not only that, we seek to ensure the full extent of a brands physical presence is explored.

We have the branding, strategic insight and creativity to take your brand into areas you may not have considered before.  Good design is about how it performs, not just about how good it looks. As promotional materials experts, this is our specialism.

Our Creative Approach

Our creative approach is not simply a bolt-on service; rather more, it is at the very core of our promotional solution offering.

The Brief

Our fresh perspectives mean we can think inventively and introduce creative promotional solutions you may not have thought of.   We will question, research and propose programs that meant with brand compliance but that push the boundaries and ensure promotional materials that have as long a life in the market as possible.


Insight means we know what does and what does not work. We have an instinct for what we do because Promotional solutions are all we do. This is our specialism and our insights are based on extensive experience and highly diverse cultural and sector perspectives.


Our concepts will tick many boxes as we consider challenges brand have and the demands of our modern market. From challenging millennials to dismissive and overindulged target markets we find ways to offer innovative solutions to push the boundaries and provide the best chances of brand effectiveness.


Our process in landing on a mechanic is not complicated because its streamlined and run by a team of highly experienced and passionate creatives. With a constant eye to our insight our proposal at this point will be presented focussed on the tactic and its predicted merit once delivered.

We appoint a lead designer from our team who becomes our ‘brand master’.

They are responsible for internal coordination, educating and training of our local and regional design & delivery teams

The IPPAG intranet platform acts as a framework, an internal medium for communication and messaging, and is a key repository for client information

Any subsequent questions or queries are escalated to the ‘brand master’ and if they are not sure they will get in touch with your brand team to check.


Monitoring results is the only way we know we are on target. How we report and track is an exciting part of our process because of the innovation in our technology.

There are two pieces of data we seek:

  • Promotional sales by products type, region and detail down into performance metrics
  • Mechanic success in market – for this we look to our clients to pull in market end user data

Out of these core data sets we are able to conclude and re-adjust.