Prominate has a Responsible Sourcing Program which is diligently maintained.

We choose to work in partnership with top factories we benchmark for competitiveness and who ensure an ethical global supply chain who we annually review.

Doing it Differently – Our Secure Global Sourcing Program

To have a point of differentiation is only of value if it is of genuine benefit.

Our differentiator is we manage a group of suppliers who provide Prominate with an audited secure and sustainable supply chain at the best possible market prices.

We have also found that significant cost savings lay not so much at the product level but in the process of managing the demand and supply chain.  This lies at the very core of what we do.

Why our supply chain means the best possible market prices

This starts to make real sense when you compare the industry standard process (figure 1), with the Prominate process below (figure 2).

The Industry standard process comprises many steps, the more steps, the more fragile each link adding time and cost.

The Prominate process is direct and streamlined, in addition to being inherently sustainable and responsible. The overall result is an ethical and more efficient and effective global supply chain management.

We are secure and sustainable because:

We have the scale.  Our combined annual turnover is over €200m, making us attractive to many factories world-wide.

Ethical Action
We don’t just talk ethical; we’ve taken action to be ethical.  We’re signatories of the UN Global Compact and members of Sedex.  We strictly adhere to our Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Conduct and demonstrate our ability and desire to source ethically with every transaction.

Global Supplier Program
We have a six step Quality Assurance Procedure, which governs and structures quality across the business.

The rigorous application of well thought through procedures is what makes Prominate truly different from other promotional solutions companies.