Prominate’s innovative software solutions give our clients and our teams the power to make promotional materials work better and harder.

Our global intelligence gathering has produced a transformation in the promotional materials programs we design and is set to continue.

The Technology Challenge

Only 21% of B2B marketers are successful in measuring and tracking ROI. 

Without technology tracking content usage and buyer behaviour, marketing & procurement teams stay in the dark about what is working and what isn’t. With the Prominate suite of technological platforms, it’s all possible.

Data & Technology

Promotional materials marketing programs are often not as effective as they could be.

Did you know? Clients see relevant promotional materials as only 23% in their decision making – while 79% focus on price.

It is difficult to make strategic decisions about products or distribution platforms without having measured a program. With technology processes in place, there is no excuse to produce materials relying on instinct alone.

The Possible Results

Best-in-class companies are over 50% more likely to track promotional campaign performance and more than twice as likely to successfully assign a value to a marketing activity.

Our reporting platform collects a broad range of program data. This provides visibility on promotional materials effects and habits in the market, making it easier for us and therefore our clients to adjust strategies.