It’s all about the cost saving

We have invested in our proprietary technology platform to make the end-user experience seamless and enjoyable.

Key features of our Reporting Portal into which all our global offices are integrated:

  1. Supply and order management – stock control
  2. Online up to date reporting (updated every 4 weeks)
  3. Web-Shop Management
  4. Procurement & marketing insights
technology structure

Robust Data Access

We offer our clients five, different types of reporting and service metrics:

  1. Inventory control – tracking in inventory status
  2. Live online reporting – live through our portal to over 70 connected global offices
  3. Website statistics – includes unique visitors and web shop data
  4. Client satisfaction survey – quarterly and then post-order
  5. Exceptions management – includes responses levels and complaints handling procedures

In addition to sophisticated reporting systems, we also offer highly developed and complex global Web-Shops.