Data is the essential take out from our global promotional material program activity. It informs us and steers our on-going activity. Data provides our clients with clarity on how well we are meeting our SLA’s, and also informs on what products global offices are ordering.

Reporting is only as good as its quality & our global platform provides accurate & current data

Prominate’s cutting edge proprietary system is flexible enough to be tailored to a client’s unique needs, yet offers many benefits as standard.  We have a technology structure in place which enables cost efficient management of even the largest global promotional material programs. 

Simply put –  our proprietary reporting platform supplies us with meaningful analytics and performance metrics, so that we can continue to offer the best global delivery service in the marketplace.

It’s all about the cost saving

We have invested in our proprietary technology platform in order to be totally efficient in our order processing and order consolidation. Our global offices report in one a month on all activity which is uploaded and then analysed by each account lead or clients alike.

Over the years, we have gathered extensive experience of implementing promotional material projects internationally and integrating with client systems all over the world.  All users have 24-hour access to track and monitor as required.  Our global reporting platform monitors all central analytics and local activities by user, by order, by brand, by division, by country and by Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).

Clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from seeing the data in clear infographic format, easily understandable with utter transparency on savings and ordering detail in all activated brands and countries. Pulling insights from such user-friendly analytics became easy saving our teams and clients time.

Our technology structure in action

At the core lies our Prominate Product Information Management System (PIMS). Four vital functions stem from this:


  1. Supply and order management – stock control
  2. Online up to date reporting (updated every 4 weeks)
  3. Web-Shop Management
  4. Procurement & marketing insights


This enables our global partners to efficiently pick up and run with a client’s promotional material requirements as further markets activate, with diligence and confidence.

technology structure

Bringing everything together

Our in depth reporting means that the client, global partner and above all, the team at Prominate, will know exactly what each program is delivering.

We can therefore assess what areas may need further focus or in many cases, collection adjustment, or market process focus.

The diagram below shows our standard five different types of reporting and service metrics:


  1. Inventory control – tracking in inventory status
  2. Live online reporting – live through our portal to over 70 connected global offices
  3. Website statistics – to include unique visitors and web shop data
  4. Client satisfaction survey – quarterly and then post-order
  5. Exceptions management – to include responses levels and complaints handling procedures


This covers most client needs, however, this can be customized to a client’s specific requirements.

Leaders in technology

Technology is at the forefront of what Prominate does; without our data model forming the backbone of our delivery, our organisation would not be what it is today – a leading edge organisation in promotional materials.

In addition to sophisticated reporting systems, we also offer highly developed and complex global Web-Shops.