Prominate’s Web Shops are an integral part of our technology-based business.  They are available in multiple languages and currencies, secure and updated in real-time.

Our web-shop platform is proprietary, integrated, updated in real-time and, above all, secure.

Brand On Demand

We live in an ‘on-demand’ world so it is vital that our web-shop is built around this concept to service simpler requirements quickly and efficiently.

Stock on-demand – our web-shop delivers a range of stock and pre-selected and pre-approved items for print on demand.  The stock will be available for delivery within 24-48 hours.

Print-on-demand – once an order is placed, the promotional products will be branded and ready for delivery within 5-7 days.

Easy online approval functionality – client orders are sent to an Order Manager for approval before the order can be processed through the system.  This saves time and minimises the margin for error.

Special Orders – In the webshop, clients can type the text they would like to appear on the product, select colour etc.

Key Web-Shop Benefits


We supply a secure login which can include single sign-on with authentication if required.  In addition, we provide punch-out access to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) users and external access via username and password.

Multi-branding ease:

To facilitate local requirements, we can create a web-shop with direct access to the relevant brands through an intelligent login set up.

Savings with Smart-buy:

Clients find this particularly effective for custom, launch and seasonal items. Our reporting system consolidates orders and makes the benefits and savings visible to the marketing and procurement departments through the Smart-buy function.

Efficient Web-Shop Solutions

Our paired data technology and web-shop platforms ensure we provide a seamless process for ordering and subsequent monitoring. Simple orders can be fast-tracked and more complex orders can be managed accordingly.