The Earth Is What We All Have In Common

The Earth Is What We All Have In Common – Wendell Berry

Here at Prominate, we recognise that like many others, we operate within an industry that contributes towards global impact. We have been actively working with sustainable actions knowing that a sustainable solution needs to consider far more than just a recyclable product.

To be truly sustainable, we take into account that the development of the product from the sourcing of the materials used, the people and process that contributed to creating the product, as well as other key factors such as logistics, play a vital role in how truly sustainable a product is.

What is critical to us is the purpose of the product, the development, the packaging and brands we partner with. We will do anything possible to ensure that the product we produce or source for our clients is the best option available from a sustainability perspective, however we understand the reality that we will still have an impact on the environment.

With that in mind, we have partnered with organisations to help us and our clients give back to the planet. We calculate the amount of carbon we emit for each product which is only achievable with a fully transparent supply chain, and we offset that amount to projects around the world such as green energy, community projects, and reforestation that give back to the atmosphere and communities around the world.

We continue to partner with brands that are constantly looking for sustainable solutions such as upcycling materials, products that are easily recyclable or can biodegrade, and brands that give back to communities through their promotional material programs.

We work with our clients to understand what their future goals are and the purpose of those goals, and we align our services and processes to help our clients reach those sustainability objectives.

Being better and doing better is a constant goal that never stops. We are excited for our upcoming projects, knowing that together we are contributing to a greener future, after all, in the words of Wendell Berry, “the Earth is what we all have in common”.

On Earth Day we honour this beautiful planet that we share.

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Written By Priya Pancholi

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