BP Castrol Case Study


Castrol needed a solution to service their global need, both in brand adherence and creative developments but also in providing global savings and overall efficiencies.

Castrol BP required more stringent brand control and across multiple markets. They also required distribution and collection solutions to show better ROI and impact in market.


We are running the program with local support of offices in over 70 countries and 40 distribution centers in countries such as the UK, China, USA, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Australia.

We run a successful global end-to-end promotional materials program for BP lubricants (Castrol) from the UK with local support in over 40 countries and key distribution centres in the following countries:

Within Europe we provide an integrated inventory and web-to-print technology solution with EEC + Switzerland distribution out of our warehouse in Poland with secondary distribution centres in the UK (for local urgent needs given global HQ is in the UK), Turkey and Russia.

We deliver to a diverse range of stakeholders based in Castrol offices, to their Distributors, and in certain markets we also provide a retail solution, which is being rolled out globally.


Ability to provide a global collection with local ordering
Strong local presence in diverse complex markets
Stringent supply chain management
Industry leading corporate social responsibility
Detailed centralised reporting.

savings over 12%

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