Pepsi Max Case Study


BRAND: Pepsi Max


We have been working on Pepsi Max since 2015 where our core task was to bring a consistency to global brand materials for Pepsi Max.

Savings were key to this requirement but the market implementation on local levels was going to be the biggest challenge.


Each Prominate office services Peps Max locally for local promotions, but with global perspectives managed centrally out of the London office.
We set up a solution that minimized inventory and maximize flexibility of collection items with part of this range splintering off into sponsorship materials (UEFA Champions League).


Local support in over 30 countries with a strong presence in key markets.
Print-on-demand orders across multiple brands for a broad portfolio of items
Dedicated and knowledgeable
Consistent high-quality focus on supply chain visibility
Technology capabilities to support diverse pan-EU print on demand orders
Significant cost and time savings and competitive commercial conditions
Detailed reporting and spend visibility still tracking
Flexibility to cope with diverse spend requirements locally and across the region.

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