PepsiCo Case Study

The Brief

PepsiCo selected us to work with them in late 2015 to develop and roll-out a fully integrated end-to-end solution for their promotional materials.
Previously purchasing from a wide source of supply, with little sharing across markets, PepsiCo Europe were interested in moving to a single source global model for streamlining their processes and leveraging spend.

 The Solution

The program is run from their European headquarters in the UK with distribution for the multi-brand Collection items from Poland for the Europe, from Istanbul for Turkey and from Moscow for Russia.
Each Prominate office services PepsiCo locally for local Promotions and Specials across their portfolio global, regional and local brands.

The solution incorporates integrated web-to-print functionality to minimize inventory and maximize flexibility for a broad portfolio of high profile brands (for example Pepsi, Walkers/Lays, Tropicana, Quaker, Gatorade) and sponsorship materials (UEFA Champions League in particular) whilst maintaining centralized and efficient distribution.

We punch-out with their SAP system, and are the first supplier to do this for them pan-European, and also support separate log-in access for single-sign-on when a user does not have a SAP license as well as user name and password access for third parties such as agencies.


Local support in over 30 countries with a strong presence in key markets.
Print-on-demand orders across multiple brands for a broad portfolio of items ensuring brand events are serviced fast and effectively
Dedicated and knowledgeable
Consistent high-quality focus on supply chain visibility
Technology capabilities to support diverse pan-EU print on demand orders
Significant cost and time savings and competitive commercial conditions
Detailed reporting and spend visibility
Flexibility to cope with diverse spend requirements locally and across the region

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