Siemens Case Study



With a wide range of brands and a highly diverse premiums collection Siemens required strong leadership and solutions, for effective development of their markets.


We have successfully run global and regional programs for Siemens for many years and we continue to implement a globally coordinated program with one global agreement but locally managed to accommodate specific needs for individual countries. We ensure both maximum efficiencies but also ensure the legalities as part of this contract are carefully safeguarded.


We continue to run a worldwide program for Siemens with local support of offices in over 70 countries and 40 distribution centers in countries such as China, Germany, Dubai, Russia, Brazil and Argentina.

Approximately half of the spend is on collection items meaning we have been able to ensure savings are met year on year. To ensure markets are treated very much individually according to need, around half of all orders are treated as ‘specials’ and are ordered directly with our local offices with local account management and local invoicing in local currencies.

Global coverage
Direct sourcing capabilities – especially from China
Flexible consulting approach with the ability to meet specific local needs
Cost savings of >15%
Reduced lead times
Technology – e-shop, data and internal systems
Creative design capabilities
Corporate Social Responsibility.

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